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Opportunity Fund

AEF's Opportunity Fund serves to help high school and middle school students (grades 7-12) access funds which would otherwise serve as a barrier to their educational attainment while at ACS. 
This fund is generously supported by the Madison County Community Foundation and many generous donors with one common cause: to help provide opportunities for students of ACS  
The following are examples of areas where Opportunity Fund resources may be used:
  • Academic Fees
  • SAT
  • Dual Credit
  • CNA and Vocational Career Licensure
  • Uniforms/Clothing
  • Athletic Fees
  • Choir/Band Fees
  • Field Trips
  • Commencement Cap and Gown
  • And other participation or entry fees which may arise and serve as a deal-breaking barrier
Any Anderson Community Schools' (ACS) staff member may submit a form requesting money from the fund to be used for an identified student (in grades 7-12) need . Students in grades 7-12 may also request funds by asking their school principal, counselor, teacher, coach, or activity leader for completing an Opportunity Fund Request form.
Please contact: Aimee West, Executive Director at [email protected] with questions.