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ACS Hall of Fame

The Anderson Education Foundation established the ACS Hall of Fame in 2010 to recognize, honor, and celebrate the successful lives of Anderson Community Schools (ACS)' graduates. The next Hall of Fame class will be inducted in 2025. More details, and a nomination form, can be found on this webpage in 2024.

Amy Millikan-Bell - AHS 1991
Alexa Isbell-Wolman - AHS 1992
Erin Coffman, PhD - HHS 2003
Maureen Duncan - MHHS 1999
Stephen Jackson - AHS 1961
Tim Lanane - AHS 1970
Caitlin McGuire - AHS 2004
Cynthia Sharp - MHHS 1972
Caren Short - AHS 1999
Angela Warner-Sims - MHHS 1992
Linda Thornburg - AHS 1965
*Captain Harvey Weir Cook - AHS 1913

Dorothy Boyd, AHS Class of 1983

Jack Brinkman, MHHS Class of 1968

Dr. Virginia Chapman, AHS Class of 1965

Rodney Freeman, AHS Class of 1969

Stephen Hofer, MHHS Class of 1968

Dr. Leslee Keys, MHHS Class of 1973

Dr. Mark Kane, AHS Class of 1965

*Arno Land, AHS Class of 1950

Jim Regenold, MHHS Class of 1968

Rob Spaulding, MHHS Class of 1977

Bill Watson, AHS Class of 1970

Dr. Sharon Phillips Andreoli, MHHS Class of 1969

Andrew Barber, AHS Class of 1999

*Dorothy Morrison Blevins, AHS Class of 1938

Tara Chaille Bouis, AHS Class of 2001

Sonia Caldwell, AHS Class of 1995

Craig R. Dunkin, MHHS Class of 1965

Dr. William J. Kopp, AHS Class of 1971

Robert Landes, AHS Class of 1957

Dr. Thom Mayer, AHS Class of 1969

Jon McLaughlin, HHS Class of 2001

Larry Mechem, HHS Class of 1974

Maleah Stringer, MHHS Class of 1975

Beth Reynolds Tharp, AHS Class of 1977

*Jim Bannon AHS Class of 1953

Rebecca Baker, HHS Class of 1983

Greg Bell, MHHS Class of 1980

Timothy A. Boyd, AHS Class of 1975

Beth Clark, AHS Class of 1971

Ronald Lee David, AHS Class of 1949

Chad Dillon Gooding, HHS Class of 1993

Don McAllister, MHHS Class of 1969

Michael Tackett, AHS Class of 1976

Ellen Spall Ward, AHS Class of 1949

James Ault, AHS Class of 1953

Sharon Buchanon, HHS Class of 1987
Wayne Ellsworth, AHS Class of 1946
Rob Gillette, MHHS Class of 1978
*Lee Handley, AHS Class of 1946
*William Hardacre, AHS Class of 1949
Gary Hoover, MHHS Class of 1969
Misty Novak, MHHS Class of 1973
John Pistole, AHS Class of 1974
Beverly Pitts, AHS Class of 1960
Holly Renz, AHS Class of 1974
Joe Royer, AHS Class of 1971
Bobby Wilkerson, MHHS Class of 1972
*Eugene Yates, AHS Class of 1940 

*Melvin Biddle, AHS Class of 1941

Scott Craig, AHS Class of 1977

Carl Erskine, AHS Class of 1945

Ericka Flye, MHHS Class of 1988

*Joyce Foggs, AHS Class of 1948

Brian Hammons, HHS Class of 1979

Mary Jo Lee, MHHS Class of 1965

Dr. Ben McCurdy, HHS Class of 1982

Andrea Morehead, HHS Class of 1986

J.R. Rosencrans, AHS Class of 1966

Don Shanks, MHHS Class of 1976

Steve Short, MHHS Class of 1968

Bobbette Snyder, AHS Class of 1967

*Larry Thomas, AHS Class of 1939

Ray Tolbert, MHHS Class of 1974

*John Wilson, AHS Class of 1946

John Woodall, AHS Class of 1959



AHS-Anderson High School

HHS-Highland High School

MHHS-Madison Heights High School