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Grants Programs

The Anderson Education Foundation (AEF) is pleased to offer two grant programs during the 2023-24 school year:

1.) AEF's Classroom Grants funds project-based learning grant proposals for up to $1,000.00.

This year's application will open October 2, 2023 and close on October 25, 2023.

2.) AEF's Impact Grants program funds large scale project ideas that make the greatest impact for a grade level, school, or the entire district for up to $5,000.00.

This year's application will open January 8, 2024 and close January 26, 2024.

Please email Aimee West at [email protected] with any questions.

2022-2023 Classroom Grant Recipients

  • Linda Williams-Boyd, AEF, Bowling Abatement - $1,000.00
  • Kate Smith, AES, Spectacular Science Study Sessions - $250.85
  • Angie Bingaman, HMS, CPR and Class Management -  $464.00
  • Brandon Bailey, HMS, Residential Electricity and Safety - $1,000.00
  • Jennifer Rusher, HMS, From Seek to Seedfolk, A Garden Experience -$615.40
  • Dana Dickerson/Erica Gepardt, AES, Animal Fun, (Hamer), $1,000
  • Erica Gepardt/Dana Dickerson, AES, Spreading the Love of Reading (McVicker Reading), $1,000.00
  • Cierra Goodling, AES, You can play Uke!  -$1,000.00
  • Char Lappin, AIS, Functional Skills and Sensory Materials, $1,000.00
  • Karen Sipes, HMS, Curtain Up, Building Character through Theatre Arts,$1,000.00
  • Heather Smith/Heather Bigoss, Valley Grove, Help us Glow, $992.07
2023 Impact Grant Recipients
  • Jay Bendes, Highland Middle School, Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) Rewards and Recognition for Students and Staff In Order to Create a Positive Learning and Working Environment for All, $3,000.00
  • Alexandra Dellinger and Erica Edgar, Anderson Intermediate School (2022 Impact recipient), Fifth and Sixth Grade Art Students  Connecting With Artistic Careers, $3,200.00
  • Dana Dickerson and Erica Gephardt, Anderson Elementary, Encouraging Reading Engagement through Shared Experiences, $5,000.00
  • Gretchen Stapleton and Kelly Heath, Edgewood, Kinder GARDEN, Outdoor Classroom at Edgewood, $4,000.00
AEF fully-funded ALL applications for this teacher grant program cycle.  
Here are their awarded projects: 
  • Hamer Science Project: "From Seed to Garden", Adam Roberson, HMS, $571.30
  • "Showcasing Student Success", Ryan Kardash, AHS, $1000.00
  • "Young Learners Growing into Independent Writers", Leigh Ann Stephenson, Anderson Elementary, $931.84
  • "Reward and Conquer", Laura Raper and Adam Roberson, HMS, $488.00
  • "A Step in the Right Direction", Laura Raper, HMS, $240.00
  • "McVicker Reading "Rhythm, Rhyme, and Reading", Leigh Anne Stephenson/Carrie Barnett, $333.53
  • "2(Infinity and Beyond), Christy Jones, COMPASS, $1,000.00
  • "Math Munching Mathematicians", Debra King, Anderson Elementary, $525.00
  • "Blue Skies and Less Anxiety", Paul Partezana, AHS, $272.92
  • "One Kid, Two Kid, Each Kid, Teach Kid", Holly Gingrich, Anderson Career Campus, $700.00
  • "RELATE", Sean White, Anderson Elementary School, $500.00
  • "Strengthening Reading Skills of Choral Readers",AHS, Kendra Kirby, $803.00
  • "Curtain Up: Building Character through Theatre Arts", Karen Sipes, HMS, $1,000.00
  • Emerson Reading "Books not Chromebooks", Dana Dickerson, Anderson Elementary, $1,000.00
  • "Sensory Soothing Supplies", Kate Smith, Tenth Street Elementary, $282.75
  • "Social Emotional Learning: The Need is Now", Carrie Barnett, Anderson Elementary, $650.00
  • "Page Turners", Elizabeth Perry, Anderson Elementary, $1,000.00
  • "Fiber Arts Quilting and More III", Stacia Partezana, AHS, $406.00
  • "Lego Robotics", Brandon Bailey, Project Lead the Way-HMS, $500.00
  • "Student CPR", Angie Bingaman, $357.90
  • What a wonderful morning spent with our ACS educators, principals, and students! 
Lisa McVicker Reading Grant 
  • Early Chapter Reading Books - Heather Smith, Valley Grove Elementary
Joyce Emerson Elementary Grant
  • Get Your Silly On! - Dana Dickerson, Anderson Elementary
Stephen Hamer Science Grant
  • Saving More than Energy: 75 Stops - Dave Perrel, Anderson High School
Hiles Music Grant 
  • Piano Exploration Lab - Amanda Lindorf, Erskine Elementary
Detour Dream Grant
  • Dental Tech Program - Wendy Bailey, D-26
General Grant Recipients
  • Sarah Ralston at AIS: “Penny Whistle Club.”
  • Misty Adams at D-26: “Got Food? It Does a Brain Good!”
  • Linda Boyd-Williams at Anderson Elementary: “Bowling Abatement.”
  • Beth French & Kristi Proctor at AIS: “Food Chains and Webs.”
  • Amanda Lindorf at Erskine Elementary: “Piano Exploration Lab.”
  • Jennifer Myrick at Edgewood Elementary: “STEM for Them.”
  • Susan Sawyer at Anderson Elementary: “All Are Welcome Here.”
  • Brandon Bailey & Grant Garber at HMS: “Prototyping with Pens.”
  • Adam Roberson at HMS: “Make Your Voice Heard.”
  • Debra King at Anderson Elementary: “Phonemic Awareness & Flexible Seating Reading Classroom.”
  • Stacia Partezana at AHS: “Clay Extruding.”
  • Dana Dickerson & Erica Gephardt at Anderson Elementary: “Book Access for All & Get Your Silly On!”
  • Heather Hodson at Anderson Elementary: “Habla Usted Ingles?”
  • Julie Chelli at D-26: “College & Career Fair.”
  • Victoria Replogle at Erskine Elementary: “Flexible Seating.”
  • Wendy Bailey at D-26: “Make the World a Better Place.”
  • Kristal McCorkle at COMPASS: “Little Free Library.”
  • Kelly Syverson at COMPASS: “Fidget Friends.”
  • Kyle Douglas at COMPASS: “Day of Gratitude.”
  • Chuck Graybiel at COMPASS: “Rap Battle.”
  • Laura Raper at HMS: “Cracking the DNA Code.”
  • Jenny Hunt & Sally Miller at HMS: “The IXL Challenge.”
  • Kirsten Lindhurst at AHS: “Looking Great in the Spotlight.”
  • Tammy Blalock at Eastside Elementary: “Free Little Library & Interesting Insects.”
  • Leighanne Stephenson at Anderson Elementary: “Creating a Cultural Classroom.”
  • Carrie Barnett at Anderson Elementary: “Bringing Play Back to Kindergarten & Literacy at its Funniest!”
  • Sonia Caldwell at Anderson Elementary: “Literacy Learning: A Coaching Model.”
  • Deon Worrel at Edgewood Elementary: “STEAMing into the Future with Robotics.”
  • Colleen Murphey-Prange at Edgewood Elementary: “Building Up the Engineers of Tomorrow with Robotics.”
  • Emily Caldwell at AHS: “Classroom Capitalism”
  • Dave Perrel & Josh Dillard at AHS: “Saving More Than Energy: 75 Steps to Turn Off a Light & VEX Robotics: Tower Takeover.”
  • Natalie Britton at Valley Grove Elementary: “Beginning a Garden and Habitat.”
  • Carla Lee at Tenth Street Elementary: “Kinder-STEM.”
  • Carol Phillips at Valley Grove Elementary: “Listening to Discover Literature.”
  • Richard Ziuchkovski at AHS: “Clemson Calculus Challenge.”
  • Jodi Thompson at Valley Grove Elementary: “Scholastic News and Science Magazines.”
  • Heather Smith at Valley Grove Elementary: “Early Chapter Reading Books.”
  • Jessica Wirsch at Southview Pre-School: “Hazel: Love on a Leash.”
  • Jessica Swisher at Erskine Elementary: “Kinders Need to Wiggle & Explore.”
Lisa McVicker Reading Grant
  • Lexiled Library -Tammy Blalock, Edgewood Elementary
Joyce Emerson Elementary Grant
  • Animals in Nonfiction Text - Tammy Blalock, Eastside Elementary School
Stephen Hamer Science Grant
  • BREAKFAST AT RUBE’S - Dave Perrel, Anderson High School
Hiles Music Grant **New in 2017**
  • Drumming Up Success - Amanda Lindorf, Erskine Elementary School
General Grant Recipients
  • Awareness of Disabilities! - Carol Analco, Anderson High School
  • Bringing Genetics to Life - Leah Perry, Anderson High School
  • Clemson Calculus Challenge-Richard Zuichkovski, Anderson High School
  • College and Career Fair - Betsy Dugan/Julie Chelli, D-26 College & Career Center
  • CPR for Life -Craig Stephenson, D-26 College & Career Center
  • Curtain Up! Shrek Jr. - Karen Sipes/Brandon Bailey, Highland Middle School
  • Diversity In Literature - Paul Partenzana, Anderson High School
  • Drumming Away for a Better Day - Staci Miller, Edgewood Elementary
  • Engaging & Empowering Leveled Chapter Book Sets - Brett Yoder, Eastside Elementary
  • Enhancing the T in STEAM for Makerspace - Julie Morse, COMPASS
  • Exploring Machines with K’nex - Grant Garber, Highland Middle School
  • Food Chains and Webs - Beth French/Kristi Proctor, Valley Grove Elementary
  • Greenhouse Equipment - Andy McCammon, D-26 College & Career Center
  • Help Makey Makey Science Fun - Heather Bigoss, Eastside Elementary
  • In Touch with Tomorrow - Kelly Heath, Edgewood Elementary
  • LEGO Learning and STEAM - Suzanne Wheeler, COMPASS
  • Let’s Get Dramatic 2018 -Karen Sipes/Brandon Bailey, Highland Middle School
  • Literacy Through Music - Judy Kimmer, Tenth St. Elementary
  • Nonfiction Resources for Research Papers - Jennifer Myrick/Vicki Buck, Edgewood Elementary
  • Programming Flying Drones - Ben Hook, Highland Middle School
  • Seeing Art in 3D - Kim Anderson, Anderson Elementary
  • Something Fishy About Growing Plants - Micah Dean, Highland Middle School
  • STEAM Cart - Treva Bostic, Valley Grove Elementary
  • Strengthen Our Program & Strengthen Our Community - Wendy Bailey, D26 College & Career Center
  • Tower Gardens: from STEAM to STEAMED - Skipper/Knost/Perry, Anderson High School 
Lisa McVicker Reading Grant
  • Loving Literacy Footprints - Jeanette McMahon, Erskine Elementary
Joyce Emerson Elementary Grant
  • LEGO My Math - Carol Phillips, Valley Grove Elementary
Stephen Hamer Science Grant
  • Rolling with Robotics/SPHERO - Brandon Bailey, Highland Middle School
General Grant Recipients
  • Always Choose Kind - Mary Ann Wildman, Highland Middle School
  • Bowling Abatement - Linda Williams-Boyd, Anderson Elementary
  • Classroom Amplification System - Mary Weeks, Valley Grove Elementary
  • Clemson Calculus Challenge - Richard Ziuchkovski, Anderson High School
  • Creating Readers in 180 Days! - Kirsten Gray, Edgewood Elementary
  • Critical Thinking Through Creative Outlet - Julie Morse, COMPASS
  • Curtain Up! Building Character Through Theatre Arts - Karen Sipes & Brandon Bailey, Highland Middle School
  • I CAN - Carol Analco, Anderson High School
  • Playwrights, Producers & Players: Let’s Get Dramatic - Karen Sipes & Brandon Bailey, Highland Middle School
  • Shakespeare in the Spring - Tiffany Jackson, Anderson High School
  • STEM Mayhem! - Laura Raper, Highland Middle School
  • Therapy Dog - Kristal McCorkle, COMPASS
  • Wobble and Learn - Kim Weis, Erskine Elementary